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You might be wondering what all the fuss is about?Carbon Cycle

Why are so many people installing wood and multi-fuel stoves?

A recent report from tries to explain why so many people are installing Wood Burners.

The environmental benefits are quite clear but this is not the only reason for installing a stove.

  1. Estate Agents have noticed the increased popularity of wood burning stoves when conducting viewings, "People love them, they make a nice homely feel, and buyers are often aware that they ‘ re cost effective and better for the environment. They probably don ‘t add anything to the value of a property, but they make it more desirable and saleable."
  2. Efficiency - compared to an open fire which operates at 20-25% efficiency a stove burns at over 80% efficiency. Unlike an open fire a stove does not suck the warm air out of a room.
  3. Carbon Neutral - wood is the original carbon neutral fuel, the carbon dioxide that it produces is absorbed by the trees as they grow.
  4. Clean Burners - in terms of smoke and ash stoves are very clean and require a vastly reduced amount of cleaning compared to open hearth fires.