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Premier Stove Installations is conscious of the need to provide environmentally sustainable heating.

We strive to provide the necessary information to allow our customers to make informed decisions on the best stove for their needs while considering the environmental impact at all times.

DEFRA and the Forestry Commission have provided information on the use of wood fuel in a report named "Woodfuel Meets the Challenge" which was published in 2006.

The main points of the report include:

  1. Lower carbon emissions produced by wood fuel over fossil fuels.
  2. Wood is a sustainable fuel if purchased from reputable suppliers.
  3. Despite the initial higher installation cost of wood burners over fossil fuel alternatives they have a faster payback and lower running costs than other fuels.

For information purposes we have provided a link to the Scunthorpe Smoke Control Map which is available in pdf format:
Click for Scunthorpe's Smoke Control Zone Map