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PSI emphasises the importance of regular maintenance of your chimney and burning equipment

A recent report in Lincolnshire Today points out that chimney fires in the region are on the increase.

The report goes on to say that the Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue are urging people to have their chimneys swept by a registered sweep in order to reduce or remove the build up of flammable creosote.

Debbie Robinson, Deputy Community Fire Safety Manager explains: “ Open fires and log burners are widely used in Lincolnshire, but without proper maintenance, a chimney can become dangerous ” .

You should ensure you have your chimney swept at these intervals depending on the fuel that you burn:

  1. Smokeless Coals: At least once a year
  2. Wood: Once a season when in use
  3. Bitumous Coal: Twice a year
  4. Oil: Once a year
  5. Gas: Once a year

Of course there is more to chimney safety than simply chimney fires, as pointed out by the National Association of Chimney Engineers.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be an issue where a chimney is defective or has been installed incorrectly.

NACE say "It is imperative that your chimney is in optimal working order at all times".

It is vital that a Carbon Monoxide detector is fitted to the room where the stove is located and to have the chimney and burning equipment inspected and maintained at regular intervals.

The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps have published this Carbon Monoxide safety flyer which gives useful advice and information on the subject.