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Premier Stove Installations offers a wide range of Accessories for your Wood Burning or Mult-Fuel Stove including essentials such as Stove Gloves and Stove Thermometers to luxuries such as Stove Tools and Log Baskets. Stove Tools Image

In our experience some Stove Accessories are a must, Stove Gloves make working with your Wood Burning Stove a much safer and easier experience. These Stove Gloves are designed to allow you to work in a hot environment without the risk of getting hurt. They make opening the Stove Door and putting in new Logs simple and easy.

Morso Stove Gloves

A Stove Thermometer can help manage the temperature of your Stove allowing you to monitor the correct burn rate in order to ensure the temperature is high enough to avoid the lining of your chimney with unwanted residue but also to avoid burning the stove too hot and then warping your liner. They are also an attractive talking point.

Stove Tools Image

All of our Stove Tools will help make your Wood Burning Stove experience a happy one. To find out more information and to view the wide range of Stove Accessories available simply Call Us on 01724 341 019. We will be happy to drop round a range of brochures and catalogues.